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foodiegeek's Journal

Foodie Geek. The perfect place for the food lover
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Welcome to Foodie Geek. Whether you like to cook or eat, this place is for you. Share recipes or tell us about a restaurant you just had a meal in and tell is whether it was super fabulous or the meal left something to be desired.

Have a question about a meal, recipe or just want advice on what to make for an occasion? Doing something fun involving food (please don't be naughty unless you're sharing pictures from a naked sushi restaurant. Even then, please put the pictures under an NSFW cut.) Share it.

Most importantly, follow the rules, please. Your mods are nice but we will not hesitate to ban you should you break too many rules.

1: This is the most important rule. I don't want drama at all. No one does. That being said, you're not allowed to be rude to someone if their food preferences doesn't match yours. Its immature.

2: If its something thats going to be not safe for work to read or view (say you made a cake shaped like a penis or boobies or something), LJ cut please with the warning that its NSFW.

3: Have fun. Share something creative.

4: Trolls will be roasted over an open fire. Should you think someone is trolling or someone's being a jackass, inform me. I'm on AIM (mousefrst) or you can e-mail me at maggiethemaniac@yahoo.com.

5: Troll entries. Don't feed the troll anything but macros and silliness. Or just flat out ignore them. (personally, i like the macros idea)

More rules to be added as the community goes. There will occasionally be theme ideas but you don't have to do them. If you DO have a theme idea, let me know and if I okay it, post about it.