fallen star (starlitdreamz) wrote in foodiegeek,
fallen star

taste like thin mints!@

heres something thats super easy and yummy. all you need is ritz crackers a bag of dark chocolate and creme de menthe [you can get it at ac moore] its a lil tiny bottle of mint flavor stuff. kinda smells like mouth wash.
anyways heres the recipe

melt chocolates according to directions, mix in 2-3 drops of creme de menthe. coat crackers. lay out on parchment paper. you can add sprinkles to the top which is a nice touch and they can be placed in the freezer to help get the chocolate to harden faster. usually by hte time ur done with a tray the one in the freezer is ready to come out.
however i dont recommend using a cooling rack since the chocolates seems to harden around the wire bits and takes of bits of the bottom.

hope that you enjoy!
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