fallen star (starlitdreamz) wrote in foodiegeek,
fallen star

made up chicken

this is one that i came up with a few years back...

take boneless skinless chicken breast, dice it up and throw it in a hot frying pan. mix in fresh rosemary, fresh spearmint, garlic salt, onion powder, parsely, a tiny bit of celery seed, and sprinkle with italian bread crumbs and vanilla. when chicken is done drizzle hony over it and brown. [keep the chicken moving after u put the honey on to keep it from burning]

i never measured anything out for it, i just kinda sprinkled everything over top so each piece gets some on it. u can add any spices that u like too... pretty much i jsut used the ones that i had growing and that i use the most.

its really good with rice or mashed potatos.
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